Cat Spraying

Please read Managing Cat Toilets first
Cat Spraying
The Toilets are Great but House-soiling Continues
When a cat in good health is house-soiling in the face of excellent litter tray management or even when they have access to outside, communication house-soiling and/or marking needs to be considered.
Cats use many methods of communication- vocalisations, body language, visual signs such as scratchings and odours.
Urine and faeces can be used as messages too. Faeces may be left in prominent areas such as pathways used by other cats.
Cat urine is an excellent way of leaving a scent signal. It has lots of aromatic chemicals in it that become more odiferous as they degrade.
This is why the smell of cat pee generally returns after you clean it up.
Spraying is a method of leaving urine as a marker. It is performed on vertical surfaces and this is the clue that separates it from urinating.
If your cat leaves a small round squirt on a vertical surface which then has a ‘stalk’ where it has run down on the floor (spray marks look a bit like a dandelion) then it is spraying. Spraying is solely a communication behaviour.
Spraying marks territory and makes cats feel at home in their territory. Cats that feel threatened by other cats or who are anxious may mark.
Some cats mark as a method of taking over a territory. Male cats are the most likely to spray but desexed males and entire females may spray.
Desexed females are least likely to spray.
Multi cat households are more likely to have a problem with house-soiling and spraying. Initial treatments involve observing the cats, separating those who struggle to live together and offering more and cleaner toilets.
Sometimes medication for some/ all the cats may be required. Pheromone therapy is also very useful.
Physical punishments such as hitting, smacking, flicking or rubbing the cat’s nose in the mess have no place in treating a problem with inappropriate elimination.Â
If anything, they will only make the cat worse.

Removing the stain or smell
A product like "Urine Off" or other urine removal solution is the best way to remove Cat urine smells permanently.
This does not cover the smell but breaksdown the chemicals in the smell.